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Personal colour analysis

The consultation kicks off with an in-depth conversation about your lifestyle, preferences, and your individual needs. 

Taking into consideration your hair and eye colour and skin tone I analyse your colouring using specific coloured drapes of fabric.  I will show you what the right and wrong colours do to your complexion. This analysis determines the colours that will be put into your personalised palette. 

During the session I will apply make-up in your perfect shades, showing you which colours work best for you and how to apply it.

After your make-up application I take you through all your colours on your palette, showing you how amazing you look in your colours.  I will show you which colours are your ‘signature colours’, these are the ones that intensify your hair, eyes or skin, but also how to wear them to your best advantage. 

You will be given a handy wallet with all 42 of your personal colours in, so you can take it shopping with you.

AED 980.00 incl. VAT
1.5-2 hours
42 personalised colour swatch wallet that you can take shopping with you .
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